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Before we’ve even formally launched a campaign, Southam has generated enormous traffic. Their work is simply outstanding.

Christopher Young, Economic and Planning Director, Arlington

I’ve known Southam for over 10 years now, finally got the privilege to work with them and they never cease to amaze me. Southam manages to be one of the most energetic teams I know, they have an unbelievable gift of communication.

Dan Fine, CEO — Fine Solutions

We have dispatched the production arm of Southam around the US and they have never let us down. Their work is tangible and their leadership invaluable to us.

Bryan Currier, CEO — Advantage Technologies

Southam Creative, you are amazing!

Berta Lundberg, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

Southam Creative has been one of the most reliable partners we’ve worked with. They’ve supported MBSPLS with unsurpassed levels of service for over a decade.

Brad Harris — Microsoft MBLPLS

Talk about a no-nonsense, pull your bootstraps up and get sh*t done kind of team. You should only work with Southam if you want deliberate, competent change agents who succeed.

Kurt Mattingly, CEO — 20/20 Enterprises

You have to genuinely root for other people to succeed and in that spirit, you set a high bar for your team. The bar should get a little bit higher every day, not because you demand it but because people naturally want to win.

Randal Southam, Coach — Southam Creative

What’s Going On at Southam Creative

Timeline Photos Just back from a week on location in Mazatlán, Sinaloa where #Carnival will kickoff this weekend!
Southam Creative in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.
America's Best Communities: Arlington, Darrington Our team is pleased to be leading the production of a film about this event on March 19th. Hope to see you there! #ArlingtonAwaits #abc8
Come play with us on the Whitehorse Trail! Get a sneak peak of the trail ...
Timeline Photos Location scouting today in Oso for a film we're producing about the landslide that claimed 43 lives and uprooted a community. #OsoStrong
Arlington Awaits Our production with San Juan Salsa Co. appeared today on the Arlington Awaits site! #ArlingtonAwaits #abc8
The San Juan Salsa Company stayed, built, and expanded in Arlington, Washington for a reason! Just another business to tell us how great the ...
Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski On Responding To Stress This is just too good to not share with everyone we know. Hope you're heading into hump day strong!
Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski speaks about responding to stress. To find out more about his new book, visit: For more ...
Timeline Photos We encourage our friends at to do better and have more respect for our environment. We only ordered business cards for eight employees and this picture shows the excess packing material you guys used in shipping. And this does ...
Timeline Photos Participating as a stakeholder today at a Snohomish County economic development round table related to tourism. #SnohomishCounty #ArlingtonAwaits
Timeline Photos Today we're shooting b-roll at San Juan Salsa Co.! These guys make quality hand-crafted recipes that are wonderful. Be sure to look for them at your local grocer!
Timeline Photos We're producing a video about a very successful marijuana grower and processor in Western Washington. We were blow away by their 100,000 sq ft operation which was beyond professional. The new facility they're opening is the size of a Boeing ...
Arlington Awaits launches ‘the Sky’s the Limit’ campaign to attract new business | Arlington Times We're being highlighted for our work on the Arlington Awaits campaign. Thanks to SeaMonster Studios for their support on such a fun engagement!
ARLINGTON – When your business is in Arlington, the sky’s the limit.
Timeline Photos Today we remember one of the most consequential men in the history of civilization.
Timeline Photos Up at sunrise for our client, Netvision. We're starting to get used to this early morning stuff.
Timeline Photos Sunrise shoot this morning at Evergreen Washelli. It was a beautiful sunrise even if it was only 24° outside.
Arlington Awaits Our retail economic development campaign in Arlington is going really well!
Don't just take our word for it, your business belongs in Arlington! The city's proactive leadership will help you open your doors for business at light speed! #ArlingtonAwaits #abc8
Southam Creative on Creating Profit! We are looking forward to a wonderful 2017 as we serve our clients and our communities! Let's go make great things happen together!
Timeline Photos Our team is on annual holiday break from December 23 until January 2, 2017. We do this every year so everyone can have a wonderful time with family & friends while at the same time recharging for the excitement of ...
Timeline Photos Your office may be warm, but ours has a view. 🙂
Southam Creative with Randal Southam and 2 others.
Timeline Photos Beautiful day on location in Thorp.
But of course!
Shooting in Eastern Washington where winter has arrived! #brr #letitsnow
Photos from Southam Creative's post The finished job for Arlington Awaits! There are 16 of these windows which make downtown look even more festive for the season. We donated this work in support of the #ABC8 campaign. What a great town!
Southam Creative added 2 ...
Our HP z6100ps is getting a workout today with a bunch of 60" prints for our friends in Arlington. #arlingtonawaits
Timeline Photos Helping our friends in Arlington, Washington cover some large windows with festive artwork for the holidays! Arlington Awaits
What is the employment outlook for your team in 2017?
Timeline Photos Over the weekend we were pleased to release the updated version of the Brouillard Law website. Robert's team is looking pretty sharp! #Shoreline #Attorney #ExcellentCounsel
Timeline Photos With deep appreciation and respect we salute our veterans today. We recognize the sacrifice their families have made and are humbled by their service. #VeteransDay
Happy Veterans Day. #respect #honor
Timeline Photos The new trading flags we designed for Shoreline Rotary just arrived #Cool #ServiceAboveSelf #Rotary Rotary District 5030
Southam Creative in Shoreline, Washington.
We will close at noon on November 8 so that everyone on our team has a chance to vote - or to assist friends/family to do so. #Merica #DUTY
Diablo Dam Last week's location shoot left us with so much good b-roll that we had to share some of it.
Captured at the @ballardlocks100 yesterday. #southamcreativeteam
Wonderful day on location in North Cascades this week!
Today's location shoot was North Cascades National Park.
Getting setup for studio shoot, have not done one of these in quite awhile. #smile😊
Get out this weekend and have a great time! Hope we get sun like we did last week at Barlow Pass! #Verlot
Three years ago today we said goodbye to the best executive producer, ever. Still miss you Skipper.
You get up early, you get the gold.
We're unappy @SountTransit about the 30-year schedule, in fact it's quite upsetting considering what was done before you, but we favor ST3.
Dude. 😉
Our hard working gals, Lucy and Libby.
"A lion does not concern himself over the opinions of a sheep." -- @RSherman_25 You are a champion, Richard!
The client video that we did yesterday at AWSP went amazing! We had so much fun, Thank you AWSP!
Video shoot on Thursday went amazing! The video shoots coming up in the next few weeks are going to be a blast!!!

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