What They Should Have Taught Us in School

Ten Things That Require Zero Talent

Ten Things That Require Zero Talent

The author of this post was born in the ’60s, raised in the ’70s, and launched into the real world in the ’80s.  I found myself in my formative years when it was still appropriate for the principal to take a paddle to your butt at will, we rode around in the back of pickup trucks without a second thought, and political correctness was practiced only in silos like Washington, DC and San Francisco.  My generation was raised by fathers who would anger and use corporal punishment as a means to install just enough fear to hopefully keep us in line.  As much as I hated living through those times I thank God for them today.

It was during those times that I had it drilled into me that “if you’re not five minutes early, you’re late” and other life lessons which were anything but cliché.  When I was unable to go to college, I had to fall back on these life lessons that were drilled into me by one of the meanest sons of bitches you’d ever want to meet, my dad.  So when I happened across this image of a white board today, I came to a screeching halt.  There was my dad, again.  And these words are just as true today as when they were forced upon me in a less than gentle way.

Today, I’m always early and I always try and do my very best.  These lessons work(ed).

Eternal thanks, dad.


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