Getting Up Early Always Pays Off

Getting up early always pays off.

As we arrived at the Barlow Pass trail head, Mother Nature greeted us with all kinds of wonder — just because we were up early.

We’ve entered the hiking season in the Pacific Northwest, or at least that’s true for die-hard trekkers who hate the bugs of summer regardless if they’re nano-sized or big enough to carry day packs.  When you live here, the summer days are long and the winter nights longer.  But even in the winter months there remains a constant truth; the earlier you get up and get going, the better experience you’ll have.  For example, when we arrived at the trail head at Barlow Pass this past weekend, nature presented us with glorious sights and sounds which were absent when we returned to our starting point at three o’clock.  On the drive home it struck me how closely the morning’s experience mirrored my business day.  When up early I am blessed with a magnificent sunrise.  My office is calm and quiet before the rush and I am more focused and productive than at any other time of the day.  I am given the time I need to ingest caffeine and get my morning brain in the right place to be a positive influence on people I will meet and work with throughout the day.  Yep, it always pays off to get up and going early.


Get Up Early and It Pays Off

Sheep Mountain and the South Fork Sauk River in Washington’s North Cascades Wilderness.
Photo by @RandalSoutham, equipment: iPhone 6s+


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