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Our Manifesto: We never take on a project we don’t believe in, period.

Regardless if it’s a client project, a joint venture, pro bono work, or a dba, Southam Creative approaches it universally with one core conviction: only engage in projects where our resources can make a significant positive impact, where we can serve as change agents for the better, and where we believe we can stack the odds in favor of success.

We’ve been around long enough to know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when a business is trying to tell its story, build its brand, project its values, and acquire more customers as a result.  Our team might not be the right team for you and we’ve got the integrity to say so if we’re not a fit.

When we started digital marketing, the monitor on your desk weighed sixty pounds.

Our founder, Randal Southam, started his career at Xerox in the late ’80s before being recruited as a sales manager for a multi-state printing company where he learned design skills and communications techniques from Fortune 500 companies who were his customers.  With the emergence of Microsoft DOS (yeah he’s that old), new database sales tools came to market that made a monumental shift in how sales organizations would be run in just a matter of a few years.  Recognizing the opportunity at hand, Randal formed his first company, Sales Information Systems in 1988.  The company was able to create imaginative print marketing materials paired with cutting edge contact management systems to deliver tangible results to a growing customer base.

The ’90s brought even more change with the creation of the Internet, digital marketing, customer relationship management, and business intelligence tools available to the SMB market.  During the 90s we mainly focused on singular accounts like Kanbay and PGA which produced outstanding revenue and consumed all of our resources.  In 2003, our team partnered with Microsoft in the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We launched two brands over the coming decade and grew & guided them from startup through acquisiton.  With the conclusion of those deals in 2013, Southam Creative returned to its roots and is again producing results for clients throughout the United States.

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